Sunday, July 12, 2009

weight gain --> zero error

As amit, needed to weigh his baggage before going to India to ensure that everything was under the limits of 20 kg set by swiss airlines, he got a weighing machine from the lab. His baggage was fine and under the limits. After that we started weighing ourselves and have a few giggles discussing how to counter for extra baggage weight.

I : "why don't you tell the airlines that i have lost around 5 kgs here. So, please bear with the extra amount."
Amit : "If they say that it's crossing the limits, i shall start wearing as much stuff i can on myself such as 3-4 shirts + jacket + 2 jeans"

He is back in India now and had luckily not to revert to any of such ideas as his baggage weighed just 19 kgs.

In his absence, I weigh myself and find that the reading is 55 kgs. I am happily surprised that i had gained 2 kgs here over the last 2 months.By the evening, Nitin and others arrives at my room, he gets excited seeing the weighing machine.Nitin stands on it and it said "102 kgs". Nitin is surprised that he has crossed the 100 barrier. Then he carefully examines the weighing machine and notices that there is a zero error of 4 kgs.My happiness didn't last long.

1) Nitin has not crossed the 100 barrier yet. A few more burgers to go.
2) I haven't gained weight.A few more pounds to lose to disappear.
3) Next time, when i suspect that i have gained weight, i shall look for the zero error first.

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  1. don't forget to mention whether it is positive or negative zero error btw