Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Return of the ...

A and B (my two favorite characters) are back at Guwahati for their final year.Though the difference being that A went for a foreign internship in the summer while B was at Guwahati during that period.
After exchange of a few words(that serves the purpose of synchronisation),B remarks about the way he perceives A has changed.
B: "hey,you look different these days.It seems that you have become a metrosexual now."
A: "ya,ya..i thought that i have been retrosexual the last 3 years,why not try being metrosexual for a few days."
B: "excellent! maybe when you get bored with this metrosexual thing,you can try to be homosexual for a few days.(winks) We will have good time then."

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