Friday, May 15, 2009

This is how it all begins

Although,i don't like the idea of writing posts which describe how i reached here or how i reached there,how i walked on the road,how i crossed the road,how i sat on a chair,how much i paid for buying a train ticket,how i stared at the foreign chicks with great expectations etc etc, but yet i am here to write something to satisfy my tickling fingers and document my experiences through a blog.

I am a bit apprehensive about elaborating on my journey details and revealing the funny side of my experiences because humor is greatly a relative term.But,the motivation of writing a descriptive post is driving me fingers to type this text.Now,it seems that i am answering a question in HSS exams where marks are going to be awarded to me depending on the length of my post.In such exams,the content doesn't matter,what matters is the length.(Damn it,content and length doesn't rhyme.I can safely say that i am at loss of words now).So,two paras gone,enough to bluff the HSS teacher to give me an AA for this post.

Now,let me begin the boring part.You can skip this part.
It was the fateful night of Friday the 11th when i was supposed to reach the Delhi Airport to board the flight on Swiss Airlines to Zurich.I packed in as much as stuff as i can think of as essential in my baggage.It was overweight and i thought the airlines won't charge me more than 2000 for extra 4 kgs.I reached the IGI airport at 10.30 pm and moved a step closer to my destination.The lady behind the check-in baggage counter gave me a plastic smile and i returned back a plastic-cum-apprehensive smile.She weighed in my stuff and told me it is weighing 27 kgs.I asked her confidently how much it will cost me to carry the extra baggage with me.When she said that it will cost 6,000 to carry the chawal-daal present in my bag,i became tense.I had only 2000 in my pockets. So, i had to call my dad to come back to airport to take away the chawal-daal stuff.This was the only twist in my tale of how i boarded the plane.
But my other friends encountered some serious problem in convincing that their visa was not fake. The visa didn't have a proper stamp on it.It took a lot of convincing on Anand's and Satyam's part to convince the airport authority that they weren't holding fake visas. I was saved this part as my extra-baggage problem took some time to resolve.Thank god for his kindness.
I boarded the plane and saw a few air-hostesses welcoming the passengers on board with a genuine-looking smile. This time i got a genuine smile on my face as i responded to her greetings. An ignorant air-traveller(me) was trying to get used to the custom and tradition of air-travel. There were movies being telecast on the LCD display present before my seat.After a few minutes of struggle with the remote present to handle the LCD display,i managed to know how to use it.I chose to watch Happy feet and sometimes Sorry Bhai.After a few hours,i felt sleepy and woke up to find myself very close to my destination.The airline offered a sumptuous breakfast meal.It was delicious and to top that,there was a swiss chocolate given at the end.
By the time i finished with breakfast,we were about to land in Zurich.At Zurich airport, we had some trouble understanding the sign-boards but somehow we managed to secure our baggage safely and moved out towards the zurich-gare.
This is how i reached EPFL.
(this is so boring to script down.who the hell is interested in what i did here and what i did there.i can't continue more for this moment.)

Bye now!


  1. Kill yourself.
    That might just be interesting!!

  2. Still lucky !

    I was told at my intermidiate destination that I had booked the wrong second flight. After that, I had my luggage reach the destination 2 days after me and no compensation for that !

    So compared to all this, I will have to agree..Yawnn !

  3. @vikas
    your viewpoint is totally different from others.