Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How i am managing to survive

Now,i am going to document the part which makes me remember of better times in India.Yes,i am talking about the times when i have to look for Food.I have to think hard of an option which is not expensive if i opt to buy or an option which is easy to cook if i opt to stay at home.Now,i know why cooking is called an art.These experiences have made me realize why in India in arranged-marriages the cooking skills are given such importance.

My day begins with a breakfast of toasted bread,butter/cheese and a glass of milk.The menu seems impressive but if someone serves you the same items continuously for 14 days,then your perception might change about it.Some days,i eat corn flakes/cereals with milk.Then,after washing the plates and the frying pan,(Washing utensils is one more reason I wish i were at home.You keep scratching the sides of the pan but you are not going to win anything here.) i leave by metro to CRAFT lab.

As the clock approaches 12'0 clock,i start feeling some voices coming from my stomach.I step out of the lab on the mission to silent the paapi pet.Sometimes,i am accompanied by either Amit or Sandip on this mission.I go to a shop,i go to a cafeteria,i go to a restaurant,i go to a shop on the wheels.This process continues for a while until i am tired of finding inexpensive proper vegetarian food or food with chicken as the non-veg item.Generally,we settle down on poule curry or cheese/leaves sandwich as the right choice for lunch.Though it is not sumptuous, it is sufficient for the survival of a 50-60 kg weighing adult.

When the clock strikes 5'0 clock,i start making preparations to leave the lab and to reach home sweet home.By 5'30,i reach my residence area and now it's time for shopping for dinner/breakfast.Again,i am either with Amit or Sandip.We go to the shop called "Migros" which provides cheap options for survival of 3 Indians.We carefully examine the prices of all brands for a particular food item and then make an economic decision.We buy bread,milk,butter,jam,potatoes,tomatoes,onions,eggs,yogurt etc. whatever we think we can cook easily.Then we proceed towards the Asian shops located at Avenue de France.These shops sell frozen paranthas which just need to heated and it is ready to eat.Our shopping adventure generally ends here and we head back towards our apartment located at a higher altitude(5th floor).

Now cometh the hour when three indians look at the items they have in the fridge and decide what should be their dinner.One of them says let us have veg rolls today.Then they start about their task.One of them discovers how to use a peeler to peel a potato.He peels off another one.Then he gracefully offers another person the chance to experience how does it feels to peel your first potato.The first person now looks for a knife to cut the peeled potatoes into smaller fragments.He looks in the drawer to find three knives.After applying Newton's law of motions for a few moments,he finally chooses the biggest knife which is generally used to cut the meat for the purpose of cutting his first peeled potato.He safely completes the task.Meanwhile,the other person has somehow managed to peel off some more potatoes.
After doing some more cutting the potato chips,some circular,some rectangular,some indescribable are ready to be cooked in sunflower oil.The cooking continues for a few minutes until we become desperate and decide that it's cooked.Now,it's time to heat up some tortillas.Some get over-heated,some get under-heated.However,we are finally finished preparing the dinner.Now,the much awaited time arrives and we bring into play jam,yogurt,salt,sugar,chana masala,etc. to cover up blemishes in cooking the food.We started up with the aim of making veg rolls and ended up eating tortillas as rotis and fried potato chips as vegetable.The hunger within always finds an ultimate taste in this food.Thus,one more day ends here.

PS:1)Happy birthday my love! Since you don't know to cook,i can't continue to love you anymore. :P
2)Don't ping me to comment on this post.I am feeling low as Kholu's blog has got 10 followers while mine got only two.


  1. +1. The number of followers on my blog is a consequence of your tireless endorsement, and being part of the 'disgraceful world', I haven't even reciprocated :P

  2. thanks.
    why have you chosen Anoni as the display name?

  3. Atleast I am having some thing good to eat like rajmah chawal...

  4. prepare for the future.
    if all goes well, you might have to do this for rest of your life.

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